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Advocacy Day in Sacramento – 3/22

Advocate for parks and open space in Sacramento!

While Measure A passed resoundingly last Fall, the County’s parks needs assessment identified $21 billion in need for new parks, open space, maintenance, and amenities for communities. Measure A alone will not help us close this gap, although it is a strong step in the right direction.

The California Legislature is currently considering two park bond bills, SB5 in the Senate, and AB18 in the Assembly. These two measures are complimentary to one another and would provide $3B of funding for parks, recreation, water infrastructure, and natural/historic resources statewide.

Join us in Sacramento on Wednesday, March 22nd to urge our representatives to prioritize the passage of these bills, and commit to ensuring the funding sources our communities and children need for a healthy future. Talking points, preparation, and meeting coordination will be provided.  Email for more information.

If you are unable to make it to Sacramento in person, use this link to find your state representatives and contact them to urge their support.

Thank you!
The #OurParks Coalition

Still time to sign-on!

#OurParks Support for a California Park Bond (SB5):

Water Resiliency sign on letter:

  • Link to Water Resiliency sign-on letter
  • Addressed to LA County Board of Supervisors
  • Support for adequate and clean water for our region, and urges transparency, stakeholder engagement, and multiple-benefit projects


Upcoming events
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