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Endorsing Yes On W

The #OurParks coalition is supporting Yes On W, Safe Clean Water for LA County!

We are supporting this measure because Los Angeles County and its 88 cities have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve our outdated approach to water. Measure W modernizes our 100-year-old water system, using nature and science, to capture more rainfall, filter out toxic pollutants, and store cleaner water for future use. From Azusa to Zuma, from Santa Clarita to San Pedro, Measure W will invest billions in communities to build a better future for LA.

Measure W will make water safe and clean

  • It will improve, protect and increase the amount of safe and healthy drinking water by cleaning up the pollution sources that threaten our water supply.
  • Measure W will clean-up our communities and protect public health. Dirty stormwater and runoff dump trash, pharmaceuticals, and toxins in LA’s already polluted waterways, impacting the health of our most vulnerable populations, like children and seniors.

Measure W will drastically reduce wasted water and prepare us for extreme weather

  • It will help us prepare for future droughts and flash floods by building projects across the County to capture, clean, and save rainwater, and better recycle our existing water.
  • Even in dry years, we waste more than 100 billion gallons of rain and runoff by sending it down our gutters and into the ocean. Measure W will allow us to save and clean it – enough to meet the needs of more than 2.5 million people each year.

Measure W will clean up trash and protect our environment

  • More than 4 thousand tons of trash from our streets wash up on LA County beaches each year. This measure funds an action plan to prevent trash, including cigarette butts and syringes, from clogging our stormdrains and littering our beaches.
  • Measure W will protect Los Angeles County rivers, lakes and beaches by reducing the dangerous contamination that makes them unsafe for humans and toxic to marine life.

Measure W will invest in communities and help cool our neighborhoods

  • With projects like parks, green alleys, street trees, redesigned schoolyards and restored wetlands, Measure W will cool our increasingly hot neighborhoods while creating jobs.
  • It will be accountable, with oversight by community stakeholders & independent experts.