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“We, the members of the OurParks LA Coalition, believe that safe, quality parks and open spaces play an essential role in the social, health, environmental, and economic vitality of our communities in Los Angeles County.

We envision a regionally integrated and interconnected system of  parks and open spaces that are climate resilient and use green infrastructure techniques so that all Angelenos, regardless of zip code, age, race, ethnicity, or income level, can access a safe and well-maintained neighborhood, community, or regional park or open space.  These green spaces can and should integrate multiple objectives, including enhancing water conservation and quality, minimizing flood hazards, improving air quality, reducing and sequestering greenhouse gases, curtailing heat island effects, protecting habitat and biodiversity, and, where appropriate and permitted by local zoning, providing fresh, locally-grown produce.

Achieving this bold vision requires long-term investment.  Our communities need a dedicated and stable local funding stream to acquire, build, operate, maintain, and steward parks and open space.

For over 20 years, our communities have relied on local, voter-approved funding (Proposition A, 1992) to acquire, protect, and maintain our neighborhood parks and natural spaces.  When Proposition A expired in 2015, communities across the county lost over $50 million annually, which over the years has funded nearly 2,000 park, recreation, and open space projects — from playgrounds, athletic fields, and pools, to projects that protect our water, wildlife, and scenic resources.

A second voter-approved local funding measure will expire soon.  Our communities cannot afford to lose critical resources for these public spaces that are so vital to quality of life. We strongly support a new local park funding measure in LA County so that our children and our communities can enjoy OurParks for generations to come.”