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LA County Needs Prop 68

PROPOSITION 68 is a general obligation bond that invests $4 billion in the coming years to address some of California’s most pressing park, water and natural resource needs. The state legislature passed the California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act (SB5) with bipartisan support and it will appear on the June 5th, 2018 statewide ballot.

Across the Los Angeles area, many lack parks and safe places for kids to play and grow, with one-half of LA residents not residing within 10 minutes of a park. Prop 68 ensures that every Californian has access to safe & accessible parks by creating parks in communities with the greatest need. Prop 68 also invests in clean drinking water by protecting the rivers, lakes, and streams that are the sources of our water. Under Prop 68, the Los Angeles area would receive over 140 million dollars–a major investment in our parks and natural resources:

  • 37.5 million total for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy; including 15 million to protect and improve the Los Angeles River watershed
  • 67.5 million for the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles River and Mountains Conservancy
  • 20 million for a parkway along the Los Angeles River
  • 16 million for the Santa Ana River Conservancy
  • 6 million for the Baldwin Hills Conservancy

In addition to direct funding, the Los Angeles Area is eligible for 2 billion dollars through competitive grant programs in areas ranging from park construction and state park restoration, to drought preparedness and climate resiliency:

  • 655 million for the creation and expansion of safe neighborhood parks, regional parks, and trails in communities with the greatest need
  • 215 million to create and improve local parks, especially in communities that lack access to the outdoors; including 15 million to create and improve local parks in small towns in urban counties
  • 16.5 million for urban forestry projects
  • 30 million for regional parks and open space, including trails, athletic fields, visitor centers, and parks serving youth and communities of color
  • 40 million in matching funds to improve local and regional park infrastructure
  • 5 million for local agencies directed for state park facility restoration, preservation, & protection

We need your help in spreading the word about Prop 68 ahead of Election Day. The statewide campaign is putting together social media graphics every week for supporters to share online, to reach their friends, families, and voters across California.

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