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Vote #YesOn68 on June 5

On the June ballot, we will have a chance to address some of California’s most important park, water and natural resource needs. A vote Yes on Prop. 68 is a vote to support the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act, a $4 billion investment in the coming years to protect California’s own unique natural resources and ensure every Californian has access to safe parks and clean drinking water. That’s why OurParks is endorsing Prop. 68.

We’re a part of the Yes on 68 coalition, a broad, statewide bipartisan group of conservation groups, local park advocates, water experts, and business organizations supporting Prop 68. On June 5, please vote YES on Proposition 68.

Not only is Prop 68 is an economic and environmental necessity, it’s also an equity imperative. After years of communities across California lacking access to safe parks and clean drinking water, Prop. 68 finally ensures that all California residents regardless of zip code have access to safe places for kids to play and the safe, clean water that they deserve.

Here in Los Angeles, we cherish our parks. But it has been 15 years since California has passed a statewide bond to provide funds for water, parks, and natural areas. This proposition will help us build on the success of Measure A. Under Prop 68, the Los Angeles area would receive over 140 million dollars directly, and be eligible for 2 billion dollars for our parks and natural resources through competitive grant programs.

Whether you plan to go to the polls or send in an absentee ballot, be sure to join OurParks in voting YES for Prop 68.

P.S. Please follow OurParks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and share our content every week on social media to spread the word with your friends and family. We’ll keep you informed with other ways you can support #YesOn68, so stay tuned! Save the dates for volunteer phone banking on May 31st, and two Twitter parties in May.